Region 1: Kingston & St. Andrew

The parishes have a combined population of approximately 1,614,453 (STATIN: 2011). There are 20 church assemblies, inclusive of 7 daughter works with combined a membership of 4,288.


Assembly LocationPastor/Overseer
Abundant Life Tabernacle90b Red Hills Road,Shop #7 St. Andrew Plaza,Kingston 19 Milton Kelly
Breakthrough TabernacleBull Bay, Harold Crooks
Burnt Shop UPCTop Temple Hall ,Lawrence Tavern P.O. Harold Crooks
Calvary Apostolic TabernacleAllman Hill, Above Rocks P.O. Lynval Simon
Faith Chapel1 Renfield Avenue, Kingston 20 Harold Crooks
Faith TabernacleFern Hill District Lawrence Tavern P.O. Ronald Smith
Faith Family TabernacleGolden Spring Square, Stony Hill P.A. Harold Crooks
Full Truth Deliverance TabernacleTom's River P.O. St. Andrew Errol Reid
Full Truth TabernacleLawrence Tavern P.O. Mervin McWilliams
Gordon Town UPC77 Gordon Town Road Harold Crooks
Gospel Refuge Tabernacle36 1/2 Barbican Road, Kingston 6 Ralston Ricketts
Grace UPCRocky Plaza, Red Hills P.O. Lynval Simon
Industry Mount UPCIndustry Mount District,Lawrence Tavern P.O. Laurel McLean
Life Tabernacle768 Windward Road, Kingston 2 Leroy Dawson
Lighthouse Tabernacle1 New Street, Port Royal,Kingston 1 Leonard Bird
Love Tabernacle9 Miles, Bull Bay, Leonard Bird
Luna UPCLuna District,Border P.O. Earl Danvers
Midway TabernacleShop # Molynes Plaza, Four Roads, Molynes, Kingston 10 Windell Rankine
Pentecostal Sanctuary52 Upper Waterloo Road, Kingston 8 Robert Ellis
Pentecostal Tabernacle66-72 1/2 Wildman Street, Kingston Harold Crooks
Pentecostal Tabernacle of Gretna Green9 Gretna Green Avenue,Kingston 11 Eric McKoy
Pentecostal Tabernacle of Waterhouse3 St. Kitts Road,Waterhouse,Kingston 11 Harold Crooks
Pentecostal Tabernacle of Duhaney Park61B Baldwin Crescent, Kingston 20 Harold Crooks
Pentecostal Tabernacle of NannyvilleNannyville Community Centre,Nannyville Gardens, Kingston 3 Harold Crooks
Potter's House UPC22 Windward Road, Kingston 2 Hugh Meikle
Victory Tabernacle7 Miles District Bull Bay P.A., St. Andrew Leonard Bird
Wayside TabernacleGrant Hill District, Lawrence Tavern P.O. Delroy Spencer
Worship TabernacleWestminster Road, Kingston 10 Paul Peddlar
Outstation/Daughter Work
Grace UPCRed Hills District, St. AndrewLynval Simon
Love Tabernacle UPC9 Miles, Bull BayLeonard Bird
Pentecostal Tabernacle-Duhaney ParkDuhaney Park, St. AndrewJohn-Mark Bartlett/Hyacinth Williamson
Pentecostal Tabernacle NannyvilleNannyville, St. AndrewJ-M Bartlett/Leon Gordon
Midway TabernacleMolynes Road, St. AndrewWindell Rankine/Dorothy Rankine
Breakthrough TabernacleBull Bay, St. AndrewHarold Crooks/Errol Walters
Worship Tabernacle UPCEastwood Park Gardens, St. AndrewHarold Crooks/Paul Peddlar


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