Region 2: St. Catherine & Clarendon

The parishes have a combined population of approximately 764,667 (STATIN: 2012). There are 18 church assemblies, inclusive of 7 daughter works with combined a membership of 1,376.


Assembly LocationPastor/Overseer
Bethlehem TabernacleSalem District, James Hill P.O. James Smith
Cassava River UPCGlengoffe P.O. Roy Wynter
Christ TabernacleRosewell Road,Sandy Bay Basil Taylor
Evangelical TabernacleBog Walk Main Road,Bog Walk P.O. Leroy Laing
Faith Pentecostal TabernaclePortmore Villas, Gregory Park P.O. Leroy Laing
Faith Sanctuary UPC37 Gerbera Road, Braeton,Portmore Luke York
Glory TabernacleGreater Portmore Learning Centre, Belmont Park, 6 West,Great Windell Rankine
Grace and Truth TabernacleAugust Town Road, Glengoffe P.O. Fernleigh Williams
Grace TabernacleSharper Lane, Church Pen, Old Harbour P.O. Steve Moncrieffe
Jambos Pond UPCJambos Pond District Lynval Simon
Kitson Town UPCKitson Town Main Road ,Kitson Town P.O. Leroy Laing
Life TabernacleHayes Main Road, Hayes P.O. Clarendon Linton Llewellyn
Little Bethlehem UPCWatermount District,Watermount P.A. David Brown
Long Hill UPCMt. Industry District,Long Hill Lynval Simon
Miracle Tabernacle Brown?s Hall District,Brown?s Hall P.A. Harold Williams
Pentecostal CathedralOne Mile, Caanan Heights ,May Pen Robert Ellis
Pentecostal Lighthouse58 Nugent Street, Spanish Town, Leroy Laing
Pentecostal Tabernacle of Hellshire3A Orchid Way, Hellshire,Hellshire P.A. Clebert Russell
Prayer TabernacleGolden River District Lynval Simon
Royal Tabernacle17 Gyles Avenue, Linstead P.O. Eric Taylor
Sligoville UPCSligoville Main Road,Sligoville Lynval Simon
Truth Tabernacle1767 Cumberland Blvd., Cumberland,Gregory Park P.A. Windell Rankine
Vision TabernacleMason River, Kellits P.O. Linton McKay
Way, Truth & Life TabernacleBenbow P.A. Leroy Laing
Outstation/Daughter Work
Prayer TabernacleGolden River District, St. CatherineLynval Simon/Aaron Black
Jambos Pond UPCJambos Pond District, St. CatherineLynval Simon
Long Hill UPCMt. Industry District, St. CatherineLynval Simon
Sligoville UPCSligoville Main Road, St. CatherineL. Simon/Delroy Robinson
Faith Pentecostal TabernacleGregory Park, St. CatherineLeroy Laing/Ossain Jones
Glory Tabernacle UPCBelmont Park, St. CatherineW. Rankine/Jason Thompson
King Street UPCKing Street, Spanish TownL. Laing/Claude Manning


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