Region 3: St. Thomas & Portland

The parishes have a combined population of approximately 176,593 (STATIN: 2011 Population Census Report). There are 15 church assemblies, inclusive of 6 daughter works with combined a membership of 2,478.


Assembly LocationPastor/Overseer
Bath UPCBath District, Bath P.O. Norman McHugh
Cedar Valley UPCCedar Valley District,Cedar Valley P.O. Norman McHugh
Christ Chapel UPC20 South Street, Morant Bay,Morant Bay P.O. Pauline Ellington
Faith TabernacleSeaforth Main Road ,Seaforth P.O. Reginald Matthews
Faith TempleBuff Bay District,Buff Bay P.O. Walford Bennett
First UPC of WhitehallWhitehall Main Road,Whitehall P.O. Norman McHugh
Grace Chapel UPCWest Edgeware Road,South Haven,Yallahs P.O. Lenroy Smith
Hart Hill UPCHart Hill P.O. Neville Spence
Hector's River OutstationHector?s River ,Hector?s River P.O. Norman McHugh
Life Tabernacle36 Sommers Town Road ,Port Antonio, Barbara Brissett
Manchioneal OutstationManchioneal District, Manchioneal Norman McHugh
Middleton Road UPC Middleton District,Soho P.A. Reginald Matthews
Port Morant UPCHarbour Head Road,Port Morant P.O. Norman McHugh
Trinityville UPCTrinityville District, Moreland Thomas
Outstation/Daughter Work
Bath UPCBath District, St. ThomasI.W. Wilson
Hart Hill UPCHart Hill District, PortlandNeville Spence
East Portland ClusterManchioneal District, PortlandNorman McHugh
Duckenfield UPCDuckenfield District, St. ThomasPauline Ellington
Port Morant UPCPort Morant, St. ThomasGwendolyn Morgan
Sunning Hill/Water ValleySunning Hill District, St. ThomasKelsada Wignall


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