Region 4: St. Ann & St. Mary

The parishes have a combined population of approximately 287,459 (STATIN: 2011 Population Census Report). There are 38 church assemblies, inclusive of 11 daughter works with combined a membership of 2,478.


Assembly LocationPastor/Overseer
Alleppo UPC Clanmell Main Road ,Alleppo P.A. Zedekiah Mitchell
Annotto Bay UPCMain Street, Crab Hall District ,Annotto Bay P.O. Anthony Armstrong
Beecher Town UPCBeecher Town District, Beecher Town P.O. Eustace Clarke
Bethel Tabernacle29 James Avenue, Ocho Rios P.O. O'Garth McKoy
Bethel Tabernacle OutstationBoscobel District O'Garth McKoy
Bethel Town UPCBethel Town District,Salem P.O. Vindell Fullerton
Bonny Gate UPCBonny Gate District,Bony Gate P.A. Zedekiah Mitchell
Calvary Gospel TabernacleFriendship District ,Moneague P.O. Ralph Flowers
Calvary Pentecostal TabernacleGolden Grove District,Lydford P.O. John Smith
Calvary Tabernacle UPC4 1/2Church Crescent ,St. Ann's Bay P.O. Barrington Gayle
Calvary Temple UPCLiberty Hill District, St. Ann's Bay P.O. Lloyd Germaine
Discovery Bay UPCDiscovery Bay P.O. Howard Francis
Faith Apostolic TabernacleMiddle Street, Salem District ,Salem P.O., Runaway Bay Vindell Fullerton
Faith Temple UPCLime Hall District ,Lime Hall P.O. Jonathan Ward
Full Truth TabernacleClayground, Bamboo District,Bamboo P.O. Denzie Brown
Full Truth TabernacleCharles Town District ,Charles Town P.A. Everton Grant
Gates of Praise TabernacleNew Ground District ,Higgins Town P.A. Howard Francis
Geddes Town UPCFree Hill Road ,Highgate P.O. Zedekiah Mitchell
Gospel Lighthouse UPCGrants Bailey ,Linton Park P.O. Joseph Lewis
Harvest TabernacleHinds Town District, Salisberry P.O. Eustace Clarke
Heaven's Gate ChapelCorner Canoe Pond & Coleraine Streets ,Oracabessa District Denzie Brown
Highgate UPCMain Street, Highgate P.O. Zedekiah Mitchell
Hope ChapelPimento Walk District, Ocho Rios P.O. Magnus Dockery
Life TabernacleGreat Pond Boulevard, Great Pond ,Ocho Rios Eustace Clarke
Light In The Valley UPCLybrinth Road ,Gayle P.O. Joseph Lewis
Linton Park UPCLinton Park P.O. Joseph Lewis
Mango Valley UPCMango Valley District ,Mango Valley P.A. Hugh-Vince Treasure
Miracle TabernacleMain Street, Claremont,Claremont P.O. John Smith
Mount Arcada TabernacleCarnie District, Welcome ,Clydesdale P.A. Daniel Anikey (Snr)
Mt. Moriah UPCHyattsfield District, Myrtle Jones
New Life TabernacleWalker?s Wood District, Stanley Grant
North Beulah UPCPriory District, Priory P.A. Rupert Sharpe
Nutfield UPCNutfield District ,Nutfield P.O. Zedekiah Mitchell
Pentecostal Tabernacle - Steer TownSt. Ann's Bay P.O. Victor Riley
Port Maria UPCPagee District ,Port Maria Hugh-Vince Treasure
Praise TabernacleDiscovery Bay P.O. Howard Francis
Refuge TabernacleWaggon Wheel Street,Bamboo Walk, Retreat P.O. Joseph Lewis
Upper Room TabernacleIdlewild, Galina Howard Francis
Zion TabernacleOrange Hill District, Brown's Town Joseph Lewis
Outstation/Daughter Work
Boscobel OutstationBoscobel District, St. MaryO'Garth McKoy
Full Truth TabernacleCharles Town District, St. MaryEverton Grant
Mango Valley UPCMango Valley District, St. MaryHugh-Vince Treasure
Praise Tabernacle UPCDiscovery Bay, St. AnnHoward Francis/M. Francis
Port Maria UPCPagee District, St. MaryHugh-Vince Treasure


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