Region 5: St. James & Trelawny

The parishes have a combined population of approximately 259,769 (STATIN: 2011 Population Census Report). There are 17 church assemblies, inclusive of five daughter works with combined a membership of 2,186.


Assembly LocationPastor/Overseer
Ebenezer TabernacleSpicy Hill P.O., Brompton, Nevada Jarrett
Christ Apostolic ChurchWait-A-Bit District, Wait-A-Bit P.O. Stanley Watson
Christ Apostolic SanctuaryWait-A-Bit P.O. Stanley Watson
Christ TabernacleUlster Spring District ,Ulster Spring P.O. Ambrose Hind
Emmanuel TabernacleSawyers District, Sawyers P.O. Ambrose Hind
Falmouth Garden UPCFalmouth Gardens Ambrose Hind
Heaven's Way UPCWilson?s Run District,Warsop P.O. Hyacinth Uter
King's ChapelAlbion Road, Montego Bay Frank Kellier
Kingsway TabernacleLot 171 - 172 Pitfour Drive, Granville, Granville P.O. Robert Edwards
Pentecostal Worship CenterLot 1231-4 Portobello Meadows ,Montego Bay Andrew Robinson
Praise ChapelMontego Bay P.O. Kenroy Salter
Providence Chapel Flankers District ,Flankers P.A., Montego Bay Purcell Pusey
Refuge Temple UPCCountry District ,Bounty Hall P.A. Ambrose Hind
Warsop UPCWarsop P.O. Leslie Allen
Outstation/Daughter Work
Christ Apostolic SanctuaryWait-A-Bit, TrelawnyStan Watson/Dudley Buckley
Falmouth Gardens UPCFalmouth GardensAmbrose Hind/Stanley Levy
King's Chapel - Grange PenGreenwood, St. JamesFrank Kellier/Edmundo Souza


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