Decision to Separate from UPCJ

February 14, 2013

Dear Pastor Grizzle:

We extend greeting to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Thank you for your letter dated 7/1/13 advising of your decision to separate from the UPCJ.  While we deeply regret your decision, we deeply respect your right to make it. There are however at least two consequences that are predetermined by the Incorporation Law #72 of 1949 and the Constitution of the UPCJ. They cover your ministerial status and the position of the properties at Renfield Avenue.

1.     Your decision to separate brings to an end your ministerial connection with the United
Pentecostal Church of Jamaica.
  Therefore, the ministerial credential issued to you is now null
and void, which makes it impossible for you to give leadership to an assembly affiliated with
the UPCJ.

2.     With regards to the property at 1 Renfield Avenue, you are aware that it is owned by the UPCJ
consistent with the provisions of the Incorporation Law and the Constitution of the UPCJ.

Please see Paragraph 4, the Law dealing with the vesting of realty in the Corporation and
Article XIII of the Constitution.
  The application of these provisions will mean that you will be
required to vacate the property as a matter of urgency.
  In this connection, we appreciate that
the need for further dialogue may arise to allow for a smooth transition.

      While on the subject of property, is has been brought to our attention that there are pieces of
property that were purchased using a methodology which is not consistent with the
Incorporation Law.
  The organization will be guided by the legal minds, on the best approach in
dealing with this matter.

In light of the consequences outlined in 1 & 2 above, the National Board has put in place the appropriate arrangement to ensure the continuation of pastoral care for those members who remain at Faith Chapel UPC. We shall communicate with them accordingly.

We once again register our regret for your decision to separate and hopeful for a change in your decision. If we do not hear from you within seven days of the receipt of this letter we will conclude that your decision is irreversible.

Finally, we thank you for the many years of service that you have given the UPCJ, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the final judge of all our deeds, will reward you appropriately.  Be assured of our continued prayers.

National Board Members                                                                                                 United Pentecostal Church of Jamaica


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